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Downloading and using the Smart-ID app is completely FREE! Smart-ID works on all smart devices with operating systems Android 4.1 (or newer) or iOS 8 (or newer). Download and install the Smart-ID like you would any other app.


Register your Smart-ID account and confirm your identity. You’ll be asked to choose your secret PIN-codes, you'll need to remember your PIN-codes to use Smart-ID. Never share them with anyone!

Note! Latvian and Lithuanian users can not use the service if they have authorized SMART-ID via bank


When logging in to your online bank account or other e-service, you’ll get a notification on your smart device screen. PIN1 is used to give you access, PIN2 to confirm your actions – that’s how easy it is!

Be free:

All you need for Smart-ID to work is an internet connection: either WiFi or mobile internet. You can use Smart-ID on multiple devices and across devices, at home or travelling abroad: it is independent from SIM-cards and mobile operators.


"Metsaoksjon" app

  • Download the "Metsaoksjon" app* onto your smart phone or tablet from the iTunes Store or Google Play.
  • Register as a Buyer and/or Seller on the website.
  • Make an initial bid on an Object of Sale that interests you on the website.
  • The Object of Sale you placed the bid on will then be on your list of Active Auctions and you can continue to make bids on it via the app.
  • If you register as a Seller, you can follow the Auctions of your own items via the app.

    * Use of the app requires valid Mobile ID and account.


Browser cookies 

To enter the system and make bids, your web browser must support cookies and this function must be activated.