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Downloading and using the Smart-ID app is completely FREE! Smart-ID works on all smart devices with operating systems Android 4.1 (or newer) or iOS 8 (or newer). Download and install the Smart-ID like you would any other app.


Register your Smart-ID account and confirm your identity. You’ll be asked to choose your secret PIN-codes, you'll need to remember your PIN-codes to use Smart-ID. Never share them with anyone!

Note! Latvian and Lithuanian users can not use the service if they have authorized SMART-ID via bank


When logging in to your online bank account or other e-service, you’ll get a notification on your smart device screen. PIN1 is used to give you access, PIN2 to confirm your actions – that’s how easy it is!

Be free:

All you need for Smart-ID to work is an internet connection: either WiFi or mobile internet. You can use Smart-ID on multiple devices and across devices, at home or travelling abroad: it is independent from SIM-cards and mobile operators.


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